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The Story Behind KHE Goats.

Goats provide one of the most proteinous meats. Mutton ranks among the highest consumed of animal proteinin Nigeria. Kator Hule Enterprises (KHE) is leveraging on the huge market gap and enabling environment to tailor solutions in price stability and quality meat supply. A commercial farm, KHE is professionally managing goats using advanced technologies and available raw materials. Beyond farming healthy/ strong/ affordable breeds of goats, the farm makes supplies to restaurants, abattoirs, events and local goat merchants. Market access, advanced breeds, good transport system, insurance and good farm security are the farm's advantages. Goat business is safe as the mortality rate of goats is low.

Business Structure and Opportunity for investors

In today's dynamic society, effective management of a business requires expertise ranging widely from administrative to technological areas. Conscious of this, our farm is administered by a solid team of professionals, including Agricultural Engineers, ICT and financial experts, vet and animal scientists. Yearly, KHE Goat Farms opens a unique opportunity for investors to partakeby owing goats or sheep in our farm and make profits when we sell them. Investors also enjoy benefits such as free goats/sheep and free bags of rice at festive periods such as Christmas, Easter, Sallah and during special times such as birthdays and wedding anniversary. In year 2019, we gave out lots oflive goats, cooking oil, chickens and bags of rice to our investors in Abuja, Lagos, Benue and Oyo. Some pictures are available at Plate 1. The beauty with our investment window is that anyone aged 18 years and above (from any part of Nigeria) can key into the remarkable opportunity.

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